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Afua Rida x Christie Brown

But first the Backstory…

I came into contact with Afua Rida when I interviewed her earlier this year during the second season of ‘An African City’, a web based series dubbed ‘Africa’s sex in the city’, based on the lives of four woman returnees to Accra, their individual stories and shared experiences.

Afua was the stylist responsible for the wardrobe during the series.

And the reason I interviewed her was because of the wide ranging use of African Fashion designers  in the show and the resulting high fashionability and style.

Styling An African City series 

‘The Christie Brown woman is Me’!

Afua explained that she is constantly identifying with the brand, ‘The Christie Brown woman is Me’!

So when the Christie Brown Brand created a collection that summarized who this Christie Brown woman is, for example who they were thinking about when they first started the brand, this inspired the thought of a fashion editorial.

By asking,’ in a few years how do I see myself?’ and inspired by the Christie Brown woman

‘who can merge culture, style smarts and sex appeal at the same time. Meticulous and mindful, she is never one to be distracted from her goals. Being able to take care of business and others. Embodying the past, present and future. Impacting the future of so many others’.

Afua came up with this:

“The Christie Brown woman moves….. to the beat of her own drum. Effortlessly with grace and poise. She creates a life that feels good on the inside not one that just looks good on the outside. She lights up the world with her smile and makes it a better place with her heart. She is full of joy, exudes positivity. She pulls you in with her eyes.”





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Photography | Apag Studios

Creative Direction | Kobby Adu

Makeup | Debbie Beeko

Shoot conception and Styling | Afua Rida

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