Sharing my review of this years Lagos fashion and design week 2016 which has been published on Vogue Italia.

Through my eyes, here’s my impressions of Lagos:

“Late October for the past 5 years has been reserved for one of Africa’s biggest fashion weeks, Lagos Fashion and design week, and this year was no exception as throngs of fashion people from all over the continent and elsewhere descended into the city to witness a showcase of SS17 collections.

The fashion story doesn’t stop there.

Others swarm in of course to be in on the buzzing fashionable scene contributing style and flavour to what is already a cross cultural fashion platform , only to be multiplied further by Fashion business seminars creating networking opportunities, important fashion dialogue and facilitating the sharing of ideas and challenges in an industry that is growing and evolving in a very dynamic and fluid environment.

Expect nothing, and allow (fashionable) Lagos to take over. That’s my motto and mode during fashionweek.

And so, through balmy nights and the non-stop pulsating energy that characterises the city and in full effect in the fashion tent, here’s what caught my eye.”  …..Keep reading …(click on image)

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