New LookBook by new Talent Emmy Kasbit

Introducing “The Ties that bind” collection

100% locally sourced and created in Lagos, Nigeria with a focus on the interchangeable aspect of mens and woman’s clothing. With an interesting color palette, my favourite is the peachy mango Jacket which is so versatile both in style and color.



Take a look at all the looks in the gallery below , and look forward to the first showing at Fashionweek next year!

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Lookbook Credits:

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Creative Direction: Fiolakemi Awobotu (@fiolakemi_)

Styling : Moses Ebite for @Moashystyling

MUA: Uche Enyokwa (@Sutchay)

Photographer: Chimaobi David (@Chimaobidavidibe)

Models: Faith Johnson @Fowlermodels ; Tobi and Toyin : @BethModelAfrica

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