To be bluntly factual. I didn’t go.

Here’s what happened. I sent an email requesting media accreditation for the event, admittedly a day (I think) after the indicated closing date on the SAFW website. About 10 days later after several more inquiries, I received a reply and forms to fill in. (Even though I had received media accreditation for the previous SAFW SS16  in April 2016. And wrote some stuff about it. FYI over here and here)

I complied.

And then 48 hours before the event I received an email which stated that ‘unfortunately, with fashion week around the corner, ….blah blah…basically, there are no tickets for you, but you will be on the stand-by list.


But no thanks, I’m not catching a flight.

So I went instead to the trade event opened for buyers and media this past week, to meet and greet designers and check out the collections.

I love fashion weeks. I love African Fashion. I love creative talent. Especially young emerging designers.

So this was rather nice.

I got to chat to Clive Rundle who is long in the fashion game about some interesting things, see some of the great clothes ERRE made, met Annette from the Fashion Agent and got to see the printed version of my article on #CulturalAppropriation, titled “Fashion Grab”, published in the September issue of the SAFASHIONHANDBOOK (which incidentally, was handed out during the event).

I was happy to see the brand Esnoko #madeinzambia was back again, and to meet some interesting new faces and designers. Got the rest of the pics on Insta right over here.

For now, it’s some more planning, and on to the next one… #EastAfrica up next…October is busy!


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