When one of the continent’s most notable contemporary designers collaborates with you on all his collections, the world is going to take note.

Chu Suwannapha’s FW18 collection features Erika Fourie’s Rings and Things for the fourth consecutive year, so we caught up with the designer bringing accessories to leading runway collections.

On the brand: Rings and Things creates fine and fashion jewelry which sets them apart from other brands. “My design direction is slightly more alternative than other standard jewelry brands and I don’t limit myself or my customers to materials.”

More on materials: Custom designs include the use of found objects, wood, precious and semi-precious metals, stones, Lucite, concrete and textiles. It’s all about creating personalized pieces to express individualism.

On African fashion: “I think that Africa already has an evolving and developing fashion industry, but accessibility is probably where we are lacking the most,” says Fourie. This includes access of African fashion to the rest of the world, and access to the opportunity to flourish globally for African designers. Sufficient acknowledgement, support and investment in the industry is key to growth.

On accessories: Accessories may be small, but they are perceived as an important part of a person’s outfit as well as an expression of their personality. They can be used to increase appeal.

On collaborating with Chulaap: “I love the fact that Chu has unequivocal faith in me when it comes to designing accessories. He gives me total creative freedom to express myself and come up with ideas that I think will work well with his collection. He communicates a detailed brief on his inspiration, colorways and a description of his concept and then he allows me to be creative.”

On the FW18 Chulaap Collection: There is no thinking inside the box when it comes to Chulaap. My role is to add even more detail to an already inspiring, detailed and thoroughly thought out concept. This means making something that can come across as chaotic and over the top to some people. “Chu’s words resonate through my mind when I design…’Less is not more; more is more.’ And I love that viewpoint!”

Find Rings and Things at www.ringsandthings.co and follow the brand on Instagram: @ringsandthings.

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