Sheria is an award winning and charismatic fashion designer from Tanzania and his brand is primarily motivated by the dressing style of Ngowi’s late father. He produced a sleek, elegant range that portrayed the image of the African gentleman at Mercedes Benz fashion week and now in his new look book has been inspired to create a luxurious and sophisticated collection from another time.

It’s a collection where every detail is accentuated; making men look good as a top priority. Our Suits are classic and well structured. While slim-fit shirts, slim ties and bow ties details make for a trendy chic silhouette, the collar pin and tie bar contribute to the image of a refined, relaxed man and that’s why I called my latest collection “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman –The LXG”.

Using Luxury Velvet, Linen, and high quality Wool with a rich caramel brown and black combination to help assemble extraordinary looks for a league of extraordinary gentleman.

Here’s our interview..

What is the inspiration behind what you do?

So many sources but it primarily comes from my late Father who was an incredibly stylish man and because he used to love fashion and sense of style he inspires me a lot.

I also get my inspiration from a lot of other things.

It often evolves out of seeing a single button or fabric or trimming, which triggers an idea for a design. I never spend a lot of time stressing about what sort of “theme” one of my collections is going to have.

The ideas are always there and ready to flow when I start sketching.

What is the inspiration for the latest collection/look book?

My latest collection/look book is luxurious and sophisticated yet from another time.

We made our designs for men who are sophisticated, there was no lack of restraint in the shapes or in the looks. We offered a collection where every detail is accentuated, making men look good without ever giving them an affected or ridiculously disguised look.

How important is the fashion week platform/runway show for the brand?

Fashion week is the best time to test your ability to handle the pressure, the hours and all the many details that come with the job.

It’s fast paced and you have to keep up. If you can cut it during fashion week, you can survive in the industry.

I enjoyed the outstanding exposure I got, but also my label goes beyond just fashion.

All of my current collection I put 150% in each and every piece designed and showcased…I love all of them.

What’s the a key factor for success?

I do believe that practice makes you better.

If you’re a designer, you should be designing things. But sometimes it can get very easy to get hung up in the minutia of work and life.

And the best way to improve designs is to do the designs.

It’s like Actors rehearse their lines until they learn them perfectly. Musicians practice their songs until every note is just right. Athletes practice their particular sport so they can excel. Ask any successful designer in the community about how they have succeeded and they will attribute much of their success to practice.

How would you describe your consumer?

Extraordinary Gentleman’s!

Any inspirational people/celebs you’d like to see wearing your brand?

Yes, Politicians, CEO’s and other High Profile Business Personal.

Where can we shop the collection?

At the moment I provide Bespoke service or made to measure suits…so you need to booking through our website: and make your appointment.

What other fashion brands do you admire?

Tom Ford, Armani, Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Ozwald Boateng, Ralph Lauren and Canali, Brioni.

There is no African Brand that can compare with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford and Ozwald Boateng who are at the helm of the largest luxury brands of the world.

My aim is to at least spark interest and growth in the fashion industry in Tanzania and Africa as a whole and challenge these fashion superpowers because we have talent, all that we need is exposure and investment in the right areas.

It will take us a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish all this but I believe everything is possible when you have the right plan.

5 years from now Sheria Ngowi brand will be one of largest luxury brands in the world.

What’s your point of view on Africa Fashion?

The African Fashion industry is definitely picking up, however we still got a long way to go.

We need to find a way to blend in our cultural roots and modern trends, and come up with our own style. We are definitely going places though.

‘’Thank You-Asante Sana’’.

Favourite Looks in the gallery below.

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