Did I mention that I really prefer the compressed schedule of 2 days for Menswear week?

And I don’t think I mentioned just how much I loved the performance after the Issa Leo show ending Day 1 (put a vid up on Instagram)

Back to The Palms Lifestyle centre in Woodstock , the new venue for the 5th Lexus South Africa menswear week , Day 2 brought out the likes of Rich Mnisi, ALC, Nicholas Coutts, and repping Nigeria Mai Atafo, Emmy Kasbit and Maxivive.

No Orange Culture this time.

For Day 2.

Number of designers: 13

JahnKoy -presented a powerful captivating show with a strong message evoking in the clothes an urban tribal feel. There was oversize, layered, traditional, cultural all included in the collection. Clothes were decorated with beading, fringing and intentional messaging . like ‘ re-unite’ and ‘Don’t bring that shit to me, Don’t Bring good shit to Africa.

Rich Mnisi– a fashion crowd favourite presented a solid collection, his most commercial yet. It appeared he has consolidated all his progress and learnings as a designer into this collection.

Keeping a strong intense solid color palette opening the show in vivid red, (I was surprised with that to be honest , a bit unexpected but I think indicative of Rich’s growing confidence) Yellow, pale blue, white.

In keeping with his brands signature feel so far, there was fluidity, gender-neutrality and easy on the eye minimal looks driving home a sense of cool effortlessness.

Coats made a big statement. Mid calf length, oversized over shorts or wide legged, drawstring pants.

Noticed an update on the big oversized R branding on knitted tops with a Zebra pattern

Emmy Kasbit- young designer from Lagos Nigeria delivered a well tailored debut collection that drew inspiration from the lives of sub- Saharan nomads. Using wool, corduroy and jacquard prints to create pieces for the everday nomadic man with clean lines and a sporty silhouette.

I enjoyed Amanda Laird Cherry’s offering this season. I know of the brand (a Durban based South African designer-long in the fashion game and an established designer) however, this was my first time seeing it on the runway.

Textures, Checks, Stripes with cropped pants and oversized shirts/sweaters . Very wearable and if priced right should be a go-to for one or two things come this winter for guys who want to wear local.

More images in the gallery below and read all about DAy 1 here

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