48 hours in Cape Town

Arrived just in time for South Africa menswear week , and the first fashionweek on the continent.

The last time I made my way to Cape Towm (for Menswear fashionweek) it was a case of airline delays.

This time I missed my flight.

Nonetheless, I made it and Friday 3 Feb (officially Day 1) at Lexus South Africa menswear week, opened with a brief few words by the Mayor of Cape Town in the new Venue The Palms Lifestyle centre. A much better venue, than the previous one at Cape Town Stadium and I hope they stay put for a few more years.

For Day 1.

Number of designers: 13

Overall Thoughts the morning after Day 1:

I feel like in terms of ideas and conceptual thought the presentations can try to be ‘ahead of the curve’ as opposed to ‘behind the fashion curve’. We can lead rather than follow.

Especially for a Southern hemisphere lifestyle . Which in fashion terms we should own.

Our stories, imagination and experience in Africa are ours and unique. And my wish is for us to continue focusing on this.

Lets lead.

What caught my eye.

Imprint: Has come a long way. Now onto its fourth collection, themed ‘ I couldn’t be bothered’, the growth is evident. Still maintaining his signature aesthetic of Afro print but pushing into more shape, silhouette and construction.


Based on a fictional character of an Ndebele man who decides to leave home and travel the world. But finds that in the midst of being open-minded he remains ever-true to himself. Always referencing who he is and where he is from.

Exploring outwardly gives more expression from within.

For whatever reason I am completely, completely drawn to this vintage, clichéd , kitsch ?? Afro styled print. I mean I feel like I should be repulsed? And maybe some of you will be.

It feels playful. Childlike. Simplistic. Endearing. Distinct. Challenging

And perfectly sets up the idea of ‘non-chalance, indifferent, not bothered.’

Naked Ape: With each collection, continues to drive a clearer aesthetic. A hint of equestrian sport influence in a few looks, mixed in with a lot more street style giving the collection a little edge and personality.


Also perhaps suggested linkage from a previous collection inspired by Moses Mabhida (last shown at SA Fashionweek) evidenced with block patchwork on the sport jackets. Either a bit of nostalgia in the mood or showing a seamless continuation of the Naked Ape Story.

Typically warm winter color tones permeate the collection.

I think shoes are becoming a hallmark of the collections.

Well done to young designer Tsepo Tsotetsi on his debut collection. One of the few presentations that play in the Athleisure/Sporty range.

Jenevieve Lyons: Brings the idea of defragmentation by building something anew from parts of what has already been seen. Revisiting fragments of past collections and amalgamating into one.

Not so much a ready to wear collection as a presentation of contemplation. Applying a ‘concatenating’ technique by stringing parts of past collections together side by side next to each other reducing it to form a new whole.

Whilst Tokyo James made his feelings clear in a collection called ‘end times’ he also told me that as dark and troubling as it may seem in the world, we will survive.

And what I loved on the runway-this chunky knit by Rosey Vittori. It was the most!

Come and check out day 2 of menswear fashionweek here

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