Eye on Fashion with AKJP
15 January 2017
Eye on Fashion with AKJP

Eye on Fashion with AKJP

Look Books

New from AJKP SS17 collection
cape Town, South Africa

Stripped basics

Immediately the imagery and clothes from the latest AJKP SS17 lookbook spoke succinctly (to me ) of a Slow. Still. Stripped to the core.

The purity of  back to basics.

Slow down.

Hold up. Listen.

Hear me. In simple, pure form.

I think this is what captures the essence of the SS17 AJKP collective.

The styling is unstuffy, over-easy and therefore easily adaptable to any wearer’s own league of personal style with a millenial skew.

The photographer @kentadreason does a phenomenal job of capturing that ‘unspoken’ power.

Something that reveals itself in the virgin rawness of the images (note the natural hair, a nod towards more natural images as opposed to over photoshopped fashion images).

Shot against slabs of marble stone, a reminder of natural beauty which in its purest form is simple and powerful in a deep subtle way.

It reminds me of the magical energy of the city of Cape Town reflected by the enduring beauty of mother nature. An I think its apt for the brand to feel, to expose, to radiate this attitude that there is in the city.

If I’m over reading this , I’ll leave that to Keith and Jody, partners in the Brand AJKP and the force behind the AJKP collective to tell me.

When the lookbook arrived late last year, I was instantly drawn to the spilt personality of the stripes,

and the crisp whites

See more of the images in the gallery.

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