Greetings everyone,

Putting thoughts into a first blog of the year almost inevitably feels resolution-like. Even if at the outset it wasn’t the intention.

But hey, it’s a new ‘year’, new ‘time’ and if the intention is to be alive, fully vibrating at the highest order then a little dose of conscious co-creating is in order. And this starts with pinning down some of the hopes and natural optimisms that normally surround this time of the (new) year.

So here are some of the things I look forward to in African fashion in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Staying informed with all the fashion week buzz on the continent is top of the list. Keeping abreast of and sharing with you all the creativity and design and above all new talent through the various fashion week platforms happening in our cities like Johannesburg, Lagos, Kigali, Kampala, Addis, Accra, Dakar, Kinshasa to name a few…

Highlighting some of the refreshing styles and stylish people is always fun and exciting and fashion week provides the perfect backdrop. I definitely want to showcase more of this for inspiration.

Menswear week in Cape Town is literally around the corner, aligning with the menswear showcases that have already started around the world as we speak.

Which brings me to something else I’d like to expand on. Having more in depth discussions and chats about the state of African fashion.

Like, talking about what works and what doesn’t at fashion week in a frank, straightforward yet constructive way.

Like, really dissecting ‘African Luxury’ for example. Unless it is grounded in a more succinct concept with clarity of meaning, it will remain in the realm of words.

Like, looking at the business side of fashion. Getting an inside view on successful fashion brands, businesses and projects and what can be learnt from them.

And then there’s the other side of fashion…the value chain. So much to tackle here!

This also means getting more data and information about retail, sales, fashion brands, trade, manufacturing, textiles etc. in the African Fashion industry. The less we know about the industry, the less we grow. You know what I mean?

And then I want to explore. More. And I hope you will join me. To creatively explore what I’m most curious about. One of them being textile. Another being travel. I want to see touch feel smell hear all about new fashionable people and places.

Which means hopefully connecting and meeting many new people! This is truly my best part. Increasing my network circle always leaves me feeling so super inspired. (Even though there are a lot of fakes out there.. I gotta say! So, I tend to waste no time splitting the fake smiles from the real. Makes life much simpler. Which is the one thing I swear by “Effortless and simple”.)

And lastly, (for this blog), I am hopeful for the continuation of cultivating a collaborative spirit and energy amongst all playing in the African fashion space. This energy is not everywhere, but it is evident and I’m on this tip.

I’m looking for collaborators and contributors (more on that coming up, so look out for this).

Until next time, stay blessed. I wish you a fashionable and creative year ahead.



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