When the young and restless are in pursuit of THE stillness, a spirituality that makes sense, a connection to higher being-ness.

I’m fascinated.

And inspired.

And hopeful.

The youth (who) are purpose-filled and driven to take us higher.

We must listen.

Here is another #youngcreative submission of photographic work by one Kgaugelo Rakgwale.

Keep it coming.. and flowing to #refashionafrica

The Pursuit of Pause.

Kgaugelo...”is born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg. I love my potatoes crispy and  cheese in all its forms. I am an all round creative, currently studying Fashion Media at Lisof, however my main interest lies in photography.”

Current photographic perspective….” is hugely influenced by the experience of occupying not-so -great spaces.

“I love to portray the frustration that results from attempting to find stillness.”

Currently experimenting with.… “the concept of youth and stillness, two states that move in opposite directions. The root of this interest is embedded in my observation of  black youth culture in a third world country, during a digital era.

The Pursuit of Pause is a photo-art series inspired by poet Koleka Putuma’s poem titled ‘Growing Up Black & Christian’.

“This incredible piece re-ignited a conversation I’ve been having with myself about the role religion has played in my life, and how even with the guidance and relief it has provided me, somehow an undying yearning to connect to a higher being in my own way without interloping or referencing religion, still persists.”

“I keep wondering if perhaps what we’re seeking from the outer, lies on the inner, and if that is so, how do we repack everything that lies on the floor of our consciousness to find “this”?

“This” that I have no name for, but can best describe as PAUSE.

Pause, a word that means silence, gap, hiatus, break, recess, suspension, intermission, breather, stop, rest. Should we pursue pause? Does that balance exist? Can it exist?

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Models: Ponego Phake and Zahir Elias

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