Short story.

Ok, So this is how it happened.

A group of young final year fashion students based in Johannesburg came together, collaboratively created and produced a fashion photo-series and short experimental fashion film titled ‘Wonderverse (e) .

They reached out to Refashion Africa, and asked to submit their work.

I asked questions. They answered. Then I agreed to share and showcase their project.


They told me the whole project is based on a conceptual fashion brand.

Fueled by the wonder and possibilities of the universe.

They also said, “The reason for this project is a personal exploration of possibilities for each of us as individuals. We were basically trying to push our limits and come up with the most relatable piece of work. There has been a lot of self-doubts in our creative journeys but this was the affirmation we needed.”

The end.

Please show some love to the work of young creatives (more images in the gallery below), who work passionately and are prepared to push against all odds.

If you are a young creative and would like to submit your creative work projects please click here

The frequent collaborators are:

Size Mbiza, an image-maker and fashion enthusiast who collaborated with Neo Twala (an experimental  filmmaker), Didintle Nshudisane (a stylist that is passionate about fashion and experimenting with shapes and colours) and Julian Tamuka (A model and designer). 

Full credits below.

@sizembiza (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) /

@_twala (Instagram)

@DidintleN (Instagram and Twitter) /

Project Credits:

Photography and Direction: Size Mbiza

Writer and Subject: Julian Tamuka

Styling and Costume: Didintle Nshudisane

Film: Neo Twala

Here is a link to the video and full credits:

Photography and Direction: Size Mbiza

Written and Starring: Julian Tamuka

Styling and costume: Didintle Nshudisane

Film: Neo Twala

Music: Badulah

Assistance: Miya Twala

Music: Badulah

Assistance: Miya Twala

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