The new summer 17/18 collection from AAKS has dropped.

Never disappoints. Full of vibrant colour and a modernity in shape and style, its the best of both worlds. And here I’m talking about the best of the past and the best of the present which makes it the future. Because , you know, as well as I do, that AFRICA IS THE FUTURE. AFRICA’S TIME IS NOW.

Using sustainable fibres, traditional methods and techniques, a local group of artisans from Northern Ghana skillfully weave these beautiful bags that get sold to global stockists in 18 different countries.

So very proud of Akosua, the founder of  AAKS bags, who started her business a mere 3 years ago.

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It has all the flavours of personalisation, craftmenship, quality and an eclectic nature. All of which I love.

And has all the feels of the #NEWNOW and certainly puts her in the ‘front pack’ of what I’m calling the #NEWCREATORS.

Have a look at the amazing pieces that make up the SS 17/18 collection in the gallery below.


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