Refashion Africa keeps a fashionable eye on urban Africa. 

Created by Leanne Tlhagoane, a marketer with entrepreneurship in her bones and a keen sense for fashion, Refashion Africa provides a dedicated platform to showcase African design and talent. Coverage of fashion weeks all over the continent are a major feature of the platform; you’ll find images and commentary about fashion weeks from Johannesburg to Lagos, Dakar to Accra, and more. 

Whether you know it or not, fashion forms a part of almost every lifestyle, so you’ll find inspiration for travel, food and design here too. 

Leanne keeps an avid eye on young emerging designers and strives to showcase talent from across the continent. If it’s eye catching, inspiring and beautiful, you’re going to find it all here. 

A note from the Founder and Chief Cultivator of Refashion Africa, Leanne Tlhagoane: 

“For me, keeping a fashionable eye on urban Africa is a way to add to the global fashion conversation. I’m a visual curator and commentator showcasing and promoting a fashionable, modern urban narrative that is happening now, in Africa.”




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