Fashion collaboration:  FALKE  x  BOYS OF SOWETO fashion collective.

Socks are everywhere, and quite the fashion statement. I remember a time I use to balk at the idea of the combination of socks and sandals… but now this combination belongs to the cool and trendy set.  I’ve seen some pretty cool looks. And here is another heritage sock collection launch bringing more diversified choice by adding major flavour through cultural pattern and design.

This sock collection is vibrantly inspired by the South African creative narrative. And celebrates a collective heritage. From quirky rural elements to strong tribal and ethnic influences, the range will resonate both as a fashion statement and as a celebration of South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage.

Now according to Bobo Ndima of #BOS ..(and this is what I really love )…the collection  is seen as a contribution to the “Bantu Renaissance,” which can be considered as a tribute to the collective history of the continent.

“Africans need to reflect and express themselves instead of emulating the world.”

And what is very powerful is this sentiment ..

“When you’re buying these socks, you are buying your history back.  This is a way of putting our culture back into the system”

“This is a way of putting our culture back into the system.” Hmmm..take that in for 7 seconds..I love it.

The FALKEXBOS limited edition range is now available online at

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