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Thought I’d share the Q&A I did as part of a Refashion Africa feature for online magazine Editeur Plus last month.

Could you tell us more about you?

I am a brand marketer by profession, and after several years of working in the corporate world decided to follow my heart into an entrepreneurial life (Style).

Now, I am the chief cultivator at Refashion Africa, my fashion and lifestyle website that serves as a fashionable eye on urban Africa. It is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the best fashion, design and lifestyle content from Africa.

My Life Philosophy is in every way, every day to aspire to live by some thing I call Life beautiful. It’s all about creating a life that is as beautiful as ever.

I have a keen sense for fashion but my number 1 rule is to dress according to how I feel or how I want to feel.  This daily ritual is a creative expression of my style and something I take pleasure in.

And I can readily admit that I am undoubtedly a huge occasion shopper.

I have a deep love and gratitude for Southern Africa, my home.

I live in South Africa.


How did you start Refashion Africa? (Inspiration for the blog…)

After living and studying in New York City, I wanted to find something that combined both my love for clothes, fashion and Africa. At the time, I came across some contemporary collections from African designers, which really inspired me to create Refashion Africa. Capturing and curating the best, latest and newest from major fashion weeks taking place around the continent is a way to add to the fashion conversation.

Promoting a fashionable, modern urban Africa is what lifts me.

What has impacted you the most about Refashion Africa?

Well, firstly I am curious and obsessed with information and knowing what’s going on. I like to discover new things, and expand (and sometimes push) boundaries, it’s like a driving force…and then I like to share and connect, to make other people discover new things too. The platform of Refashion Africa allows me the opportunity to do this within African Fashion and more.

Plus, the incredible diverse creativity, ingenuity, skill and talent of all the people I have been fortunate to come across.

Who is your fashion icon and why?

Coco Chanel for me is the historical standard bearer in terms of fashion icons. Her story is incredible and she was revolutionary in her attitude and approach. I admire, very much, woman who are building global fashion brands like Tory Burch and Victoria Beckham with key signature styles.

What have learnt from being in the industry you are in?

To have no expectations. The best is to expect nothing so that potentially everything can happen.

To stick to what you want to do and work very hard at it is really important. At the end of the day you have to take time to develop your ‘voice’, build enough strength to stick to it, and never compromise on your integrity.

What projects have you been on / collaborated with and are currently doing?

I am constantly creating and more than ever collaborating with people. Next project is the African Fashion International Mercedes Benz Fashion week Jo’burg happening in August 2016.

What is your favourite event to attend in the year, and why?

 I love fashionweeks! Not all of them are on the same level. But that’s because different markets are at different stages. But each presents something new and different.

What advice can you give to someone who is looking at starting a blog, fashion line, etc.?

Here are 5 tips:

1.Know your story and speak from the heart. It’s attractive.

2.Confidently express your thoughts and style. It’s magnetic.

3.Learn how to Network and get to know people. It’s valuable.

4.Quality over quantity, always wins in the end. It’s more sustainable.

5.Patience and persistence breeds success. It’s critical.

Being a business woman, what has been your number one drive to be successful?

Following my heart. Creating my own journey. Being bold and grateful.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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