An art project by Cedric Mizero dedicated to women in Rwanda and all over the world

Vision:“I want to inspire people to look at the reality of women from a more empathetic angle.”

Over the past 20 years, Rwanda has made huge progress in gender equality. Woman, who played a vital role in rebuilding the country after the genocide, now have rights and freedoms that were not imaginable in the recent past.

However, in the home and community level, challenges and barriers remain and are often not seen by media and society.

This photographic exhibition focused on women in Rwanda, showing their strength, energy, power, responsibilities and struggles in daily life. 

Purpose: “It is my wish to use art as a transformation tool to make people’s minds more open.”

The aim of  ‘Strong Woman’ was to draw people’s attention to not only the hidden strength and power of woman, but also to their struggles and burdens. Fascinated by his mother, and of woman especially in villages in Rwanda, whose strength ‘to take care of so many things’ often goes unseen and unacknowledged, the exhibition was an invitation to all to reflect about the daily life of women and to appreciate their constant efforts in feeding the next generation of Rwandans.

Final word: “Fashion should never be limited to a certain age, size, social or economic status; this is what I communicate with my Fashion for All project.”

See the photos from the exhibition below, and comment to tell us what you think. 

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