Heritage Day Hair inspiration the #OwnYourCulture Way.

Back story:

In South Africa, Heritage day falls on September 24 and it’s an annual public holiday to celebrate the diverse and unique cultures that make up the rainbow nation of #SouthAfrica. Because there is such a rich relationship between culture and fashion from across our continent , I spoke with  Miss Vavavum, the creator  behind the OWN YOUR CULTURE movement who hails from Kenya to share some inspirational looks. And this is what she had to say (and show).

#ownyourculture showcases how traditional African pieces are styled and accessorized in a modern or traditional everyday style.

“Every day in my #OwnYourCulture work I fall more and more in love with African culture and heritage, the intricate design and attention to detail, it’s something quite honorable and amazing to see.

This season, it’s all about stacking beads upon beads on your braids (thanks Solange Knowles). To keep cultural designs relevant and trendy today, we designed these traditionally inspired cuffs for the hair. Add another great trendy accessory like the vintage large sunglasses in colorful tints.

With the tons of hair accessories, It’s possible to style the  hair in other ways, the key is to make sure the accessorized locs are the visible ones. Add on a pair of our earrings and the look is complete!

I came across the #rockthedoek movement, and this is how I would style my doek, ensuring the beads are visible and still keeping true to my culture.

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Photography: @perrpy

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